Abbey-Gayle Simpson is a main character in the story Ian, and plays a minor role in the later chapters of Charlotte

Early lifeEdit

Abbey-Gayle was born on the 14th of April 1998 in Kingston, Jamaica. At an early age, her family moved to London. In February 2015, Abbey-Gayle was on the shortlist to join Heavenly Talent's girl band project 'Out of Heaven'. At some point prior to September 2015, Abbey-Gayle was signed to a modelling contract by the same agency. Around the same time, she began a relationship with Reuben Hartley.

Assembling her AngelsEdit

Abbey-Gayle is a long-term admirer of The Angels, having presumably watched their reality show since she was a teenager. In the summer of 2015, looking to emulate the success of the Angels (and increase her own worth to the agency with whom she had just signed), Abbey-Gayle assembled her own 'clique' from her friends Brooke David and Georgie Powell, along with fellow professional model Ella Henry and aspiring actress Kayleigh-Ann Walker, even though the latter was only fifteen years old at the time. Little did Abbey-Gayle know, however, that Kayleigh-Ann was suffering from gender identity issues, and self-identified as a boy called 'Ian'.

to be continued


  • Although her first appearance was in part 1 of Ian, Abbey-Gayle was mentioned in the first part of Stephanie, and was the very next auditionee after the eponymous heroine of that story.