Angela Walker (nee Jones) is a major character in the story Ian, usually playing an antagonistic role.

Early lifeEdit

Angela was born in 1971 in Cardiff, Wales, the only child of her parents. From an early age Angela dreamed of a career in showbusiness, aspiring to be a dancer or an actress. However, her parents were never able to afford the prerequisite lessons, which led Angela to resent her working-class upbringing. In the early 1990s, Angela moved to London to pursue her career without success, but met and fell in love with a young man named Craig Walker, who she would later marry. Toward the end of March 1999, Angela and Craig tried to conceive a child, with the intention of having a 'millennium baby'. Whilst Angela did get pregnant, the child- a girl named Kayleigh-Ann- was born 'two days early' on the 30th of December 1999.

When a Daughter Becomes a SonEdit

With her own showbusiness career over before it had even started, Angela quickly transferred her aspirations to her daughter, ensuring that she would have all the opportunities Angela herself never got as a child- whether her daughter wanted it or not.

to be continued