Ashley Moore, the story's protagonist

Ashley is the seventh story in the 'Jamieverse', first published on BigCloset TopShelf on the 13th of October 2015.

Main CharactersEdit

Chapter ListEdit

Characters in italics were introduced in a previous Jamieverse chapter but are making their debut in this particular story.

Chapter Publication Date Word count Characters Introduced
1 13/10/2015 6326 Ashley, Suriya, Priya, Nicole, Harriet, Megan, Laura, Cassie, Dorothy Ashley's father, Bryony, Ashley's mother
2 29/12/2015 11566 Priya & Suriya's father, Laura's mother, George, Miss Fullerton
3 09/02/2016 14345 Carl, Priya & Suriya's brother, Nikki, Ashley's Grandparents and Great-Grandparents, Dr Singh, Dr Maxwell
4 24/02/2016 11570 Mademoiselle Renou, Phil, Jessica (dance student), Mrs. Houghton
5 04/04/2016 13126 Eddy, Dr Phillips
6 26/05/2016 12085 Harriet's mother, Nick, James, Zara, Laura's stepfather, Lily
7 12/08/2016 18068 Beautician, Mia, Laura's brother, Sam, Ryan, Dr Williamson
8 22/08/2016 18429 Mr Jackson, Chris, Chloe, Eloise, Darren, Jessica (student in Laura's school), Mr Allen, Niamh, Miss Edwards, Miss Collins
9 22/12/2016 23386 Melissa, Cameron
10 28/05/2017 11460 Mark, Mark's father, Mark's mother, 'C-3PO'
11 30/10/2017 13109 Jamie, Sarah, Jacinta, Sabrina, Lucy, Petra, Allie