Doctor Beverly Phillips (nee Howard) is a major character in the stories Charlotte, Nikki, Stephanie, and also appears in Soixante-Trois Airlines and Stuart.

Early lifeEdit

Beverly was born in Bristol on the 19th of April 1968, and has one sister and one brother. She qualified as a psychiatric doctor in the early 1990s, specializing in gender identity issues. Shortly afterward, she married a man named Robert, with whom she had one child, a girl named Sarah. Beverly and Robert separated in 2001, their divorce being made final the following year. In Summer 2011, Beverly moved to London to open a new private practice.

Becoming Part of a Wider FamilyEdit

One of the first patients to sign to Beverly's practice was the model Jamie-Lee Burke.

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  • Beverly shares a first name with two famous fictional doctors, both of whom are also mothers to highly intelligent children- Dr Beverly Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Dr Beverly Hofstadter from The Big Bang Theory. Although she shares a profession with the latter, she has none of her frosty personality, and was in fact named after the former doctor.
    • Beverly's maiden name of 'Howard' is the same as that of Beverly Crusher.
  • Little is known about Beverly's siblings other than that her sister is a surgeon at a top London hospital. From her daughter's words, it can be inferred that both of Beverly's siblings possess doctorates.
  • Beverly has had speaking roles in six of the ten 'main' Jamieverse stories, the most of any non-main character.