Charlotte Hartley (nee Hutchinson) is the title character and deuteragonist of Charlotte, and also plays a minor role in Nikki, Stuart and Stephanie.

Early lifeEdit

Charlotte was born on the 19th of May 1991, the only daughter of Graham and Janice Hutchinson (nee Easton). At the age of fourteen, Charlotte lost her mother, and was raised and home-tutored by her father, also finding work as a model in between her studies. She eventually became a model full-time and was signed to the Joshua Benedict talent agency.

Meeting JamieEdit

At some point in her late teens, Charlotte began to suspect that her father was somehow involved in her mother's death. Charlotte's mother had been a wealthy heiress, and her father stood to inherit her entire fortune if she died before Charlotte reached the age of eighteen. However, due to her father's controlling nature, Charlotte was unable to escape his clutches for long enough to prove her suspicions, until she stumbled across the Facebook profile of a young man named James Travis- who, gender aside, looked a lot like herself.

To be continued


  • Charlotte shares a birthday with Jessica from the story Soixante-Trois Airlines, though Charlotte was born one year earlier.
  • Charlotte is the only non-protagonist and the only cisgendered character to have a story named for her.