Eilish O'Connell is a minor character in the story Charlotte.

Early lifeEdit

Eilish was born on the 7th of April 1993 in Wexford in the South-East of Ireland. She has two younger sisters Niamh (b 1996) and Caoimhe (b 1998). As of December 2015, her parents still live in Ireland.

Meeting the AngelsEdit

At some point prior to September 2015, Eilish moved to London to work as a nanny, and caught the attention of Charlotte Hutchinson, who had recently given birth to a young boy. Eilish quickly hit it off with both mother and son, and was hired as the boy's nanny.

to be continued


  • Prior to the expanson of The Angels in 2016, Eilish was often jokingly referred to as the 'seventh Angel'. Ironically, her sister Caoimhe would later become a member of The Irish Angels.