Hannah Barnard is a character in the story Ian, usually playing an antagonistic role.

Early LifeEdit

Hannah was born on the 23rd of November 1998 in Cardiff. She has one older brother, Matthew (b 1994) and two younger sisters, Chloe (b 2001) and Rosie (b 2004). As a child, Hannah was interested in traditionally geeky activities such as videogames and science-fiction, and was a particular fan of Doctor Who and Pokemon.

A Day at the BeachEdit

In August 2017, just before going to university to study digital art, Hannah and her friends Jodie and Emma spent the day on Barry Island beach, where they attracted the attention of several young men, one of them being Ian Freeman.

to be continued


  • Hannah's favourite TV show is Doctor Who, and she was born on the 35th anniversary of the broadcast of its first episode.