Hannah Dexter is a main character in the story Charlotte, and also plays a large role in Nikki.

Early lifeEdit

Hannah was born on the 7th of October 1992 to parents who would later divorce. She has two half-brothers on her father's side (b 1984 and 1987) with whom she has little contact thanks to their incarceration for drugs and firearms offences. Very little else is known about her family life and childhood, except that at school she was considered to be a troublemaker purely because of who her brothers were. However, she quickly made friends with Viks, and remained best friends with her into adulthood.

Becoming an AngelEdit

Hannah met Jamie, Krystie and Mary at some point prior to July 2013. Hannah had been signed to Joshua Benedict Talent since 2010, but had had little contact with the three women outside of work. After Jamie and Charlotte had their falling out, however, Joshua recommended that Jamie 'adopt' Hannah as a member of their clique, and the four women quickly hit it off. At Hannah's request Viks was soon added to the 'clique', despite not being a model herself.

to be continued


  • Hannah is the tallest of the Angels, standing 176cm (over 5' 9") tall.
  • Although she identifies as heterosexual, Hannah has had at least one sexual encounter with another woman in the past.