Harriet Cooper is one of the main characters of the stories Laura and Ashley, playing an antagonistic role in the early chapters of the former story.

Early LifeEdit

Harriet was born on the 28th of January 2002, the only child of her parents Martin and Mrs Cooper. At some point prior to her starting secondary school, Harriet's parents divorced, and Harriet started to be raised mostly by her father.

Meeting LauraEdit

Harriet started secondary school on the same day as Laura White, and was placed into the same form group and most of the same classes as her, as well as two other girls named Nicole Wyatt and Suriya Malik. Harriet initially made firm friends with Laura, hanging out with her and the rest of her friends for the remainder of the first week at school, but when the girls' parents met in the weekend after the first week, Harriet's father reacted angrily to the news that his daughter had a transgendered friend, and forbade Harriet from having any contact with Laura.

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  • Harriet's middle name of Martina was in honour of her father Martin, and her first name was given in honour of her paternal grandfather Harry.