ian Freeman, the story's protagonist

Ian is the eighth story in the 'Jamieverse', first published on BigCloset TopShelf on the 29th of November 2015. It is the second story (after Stuart) to be told from the perspective of a female-to-male transgendered person.

Main CharactersEdit

Chapter ListEdit

Characters in italics were introduced in a previous Jamieverse chapter but are making their debut in this particular story.

Chapter Publication Date Word count Characters Introduced
1 29/11/2015 10170 Ian, Miss Fullerton, Ian's mother, Ian's father, Abbey-Gayle, Brooke, Georgie, Ella, Ollie
2 25/01/2016 9877 Ian's paternal grandmother, Maisie, Tillie, Portia, Ian's maternal grandmother
3 13/03/2016 7946 Laura, Ollie & Georgie's father, Marley, Andrew
4 18/04/2016 11566 Ollie & Georgie's mother, Dr Hall
5 18/05/2016 9152 None
6 22/07/2016 11542 College receptionist. Neil, Lee, Rob, Dr Harris
7 02/10/2016 12558 Dean, Reverend Stubbs
8 24/11/2016 18972 Arbiter, Rob's father, Neil's father, Simon, Reuben, Ella's grandmother, Jamie, Stuart, Nikki
9 23/03/2017 15143 Hannah, Ella (Heavenly Talent employee), Jacinta, Joshua, Mikey, Jonathan, Charlotte
10 09/08/2017 13553 Lee's father, Neil's sister, Chloe
11 10/10/2017 13072 Keith, Olivia
12 20/10/2017 16141 Jonas (Maisie's boyfriend), Sarah, Kelly, Kurt, Paul, Dan, Hannah, Rosie, Chloe's mother, Danny