Kayla Ford is the deuteragonist of the story Stephanie.

Early LifeEdit

Kayla was born on the 24th of October 1997 in Southampton, the only child to her parents Gary and Charlene.

Out of HeavenEdit

At the tender age of seventeen, Kayla auditioned for Heavenly Talent's new girl band Out of Heaven, and quickly impressed those present with her powerful singing voice. She was the first girl added to the band after Becca and Adeola, around whom the band was formed. At her first audition, she met and became friends with Stephanie, who would also be added to the band. On the 6th of March 2015, Kayla- along with Stephanie and another girl called Lauren- was informed that she would be a member of the band. First rehearsals began the following Tuesday, the 10th of March.

At the first rehearsal session, it became immediately apparent to all the members of the band, as well as their producer Stuart (who had championed Kayla's inclusion in the band) that Kayla possessed the greatest singing ability out of anyone in the band.

to be continued


  • At just five feet tall, Kayla is the shortest adult character in the Jamieverse, and characters often comment on her youthful appearance.
  • Kayla is the only member of Out of Heaven to be an only child- all the other members have older siblings (either biological or adopted).
  • Kayla's Xbox gamertag is 'KKMustang97x'- a play on her surname of Ford.
  • Kayla takes a size three (UK) shoe.