Kurt Vance is a minor character in the story Stephanie and plays a minor role in The War of the Angels, Charlotte and Stuart.

Early lifeEdit

Kurt was born on the 27th of October 1993 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada as Kathryn Vance, the youngest of three girls. Her eldest sister's name is 'Sara'. During Kathryn's first two years at university, she dressed androgynously and tried to disguise her femininity, but between her second and third years, she was diagnosed with gender identity dysphoria, following which she lived her life full-time as a man named 'Kurt' and began taking hormone replacement treatments. Kurt graduated from university in Summer 2015 and moved to London to take up a job as a junior architect.

Meeting StephanieEdit

In January 2016, Kurt was contacted online by Becca Milton about the possibility of going on a blind date with her bandmate Stephanie Abbott.

to be continued