Laura's School is the secondary school where the bulk of the stories Laura and Ashley are set.

The SchoolEdit

The school is situated in West London, in either Hammersmith or Shepherd's Bush. It caters for pupils aged 11-16 (academic years 7-11)- it has no sixth form or capacity for further education.

Notable StaffEdit

  • Mrs. Houghton- headteacher since before September 2013
  • Mr. Allen- deputy headteacher since before November 2016, also teacher of science
  • Mrs. Ingram- head of Drama
  • Mr. McCleland- head of Year 11
  • Mr. Clarke- teacher of English
  • Mr. Hughes- teacher of Science
  • Mrs. Keller- teacher of Modern Foreign Languages (specifically German)
  • Mrs. Ambrose- teacher of Modern Foreign Languages (specifically Spanish)
  • Miss Collins- teacher of History
  • Miss Henderson- teacher of IT
  • Miss Edwards- teacher of PE, coach of the school's gymnastics team from September 2016
  • Miss Ellison- teacher of dance, coach of the schools' dance and cheerleading clubs
  • Miss Riley- teacher of maths
  • Mr. Sheldon- Laura's form tutor
  • Mr. Jackson- Ashley's form tutor
  • Mrs. Ford- teacher, subject unknown

Former StaffEdit

  • Mrs. Hall- teacher of PE, coach of the school's gymnastics team up until 2016
  • Mr. White- work experience teacher of PE in 2017

Board of GovernorsEdit

Notable PupilsEdit

For other pupils please see this page.