Michelle White (nee Clarke) is a major character in the story Laura and also plays a significant role in Ashley

Early lifeEdit

Michelle was born in 1972. Shortly after turning twenty, she met a man named Robert, with whom she fell in love and later married. They had two sons: Richard (b 1993) and Leon (b 2001). Robert and Michelle divorced in 2005, and Robert played no part in his ex-wife's or children's lives for several years afterward. After years of living on social security, Michelle eventually found work in a supermarket to support her children.

When a son becomes a daughterEdit

In 2011, Ricky joined the army and almost permanently lived away from home from then onwards. Without his older brother's influence, Michelle began to notice subtle changes in Leon's behaviour, such as his tendency to prefer traditionally feminine activities, or the majority of his friend being girls. In April 2013, Michelle asked Leon whether he would rather live life as a boy or a girl, to which Leon unhesitatingly answered that she would prefer to be a girl.

to be continued