Nikki Phillips-Thomas is the protagonist of the story Nikki, plays a major role in Charlotte and Jacinta, and also plays a minor role in Laura, Ashley and Stephanie.

Early lifeEdit

Nikki was born Nicholas Christopher Thomas on the 3rd of March 1997, the first (and for a long while, only) child of Christopher and Sandra Thomas. For all 'Nick's life, he felt the urge to crossdress, and grew increasingly obsessed with living live as a woman, as well as frustrated with 'his' life as a boy.

Becoming NikkiEdit

At the start of Nick's fourth year of secondary school, a new girl named Sarah Phillips transferred from a school in Bristol, with whom 'Nick' quickly became good friends.

To be continued


  • At 5' 8", Nikki was the tallest protagonist in the Jamieverse until the start of Jacinta's story.
  • Nikki takes a size eight (UK) shoe.