Paige Robertson is a major character in the story Soixante-Trois Airlines, and the deuteragonist of its first season.

Early lifeEdit

Paige was born Paul Campbell Robertson on the 5th of July 1994, the third child of Malcolm and Caroline Robertson. Paige was born in Glasgow but raised in Dumbarton, along with her two older sisters, identical twins Nina and Trisha (both b 1986). from an early age, Paige was fascinated with women's clothing, having a particular fondness for dark hosiery of all kinds.

Wotking for Soixante-TroisEdit

Paige was working as a lifeguard at a local pool before starting work at Soixante-Trois Airlines in August 2014, at the same time as Jessica. Paige's mentor during her first months with the airline was Stacey Hall, with whom she lived, along with Sydney Northwood and Hiromi Ozawa, with whom Paige shared a room.

to be continued


  • Paige has heterochromia- her left eye is blue, whilst her right eye is green.
  • Paige is a big fan of the Harry Potter franchise, having read all of the books several times.
    • Paige's favourite character from the Harry Potter series is Ginny Weasley.
  • Paige's hair is naturally ginger in colour, as can be inferred from the colour of her sisters' hair and the fact that as a child, she fantasised about being a member of the Weasley family from the aforementioned Harry Potter stories.
  • Paige is a big Americophile, in contrast to Jessica's fondness for European and British culture.
  • Engaged to Jessica Tyler May 20, 2017.
  • Paige, like the rest of her family, is a supporter of Rangers F.C.
  • Paige is a supporter of the Scottish National Party and a proponent of Scotland gaining independence from the rest of the United Kingdom. As such, her political views are for the most part left-leaning.
    • Paige has a severe dislike of the American president Donald Trump, to the extent that if she even so much as mentions his name around her friends, they make her either finish her drink of pay a financial penalty akin to a 'swear jar'.