Riley Fullerton is a minor character in multiple stories, including Stuart, Charlotte and Stephanie.

Early lifeEdit

Riley was born on the 10th of May 1995, the third child of his parents. He has two older sisters, Megan (b 1989) and Krystie (b 1992) and one younger brother Marley (b 1998).

Life with the AngelsEdit

Riley started university in September 2013. At some point prior to February 2014, he became romantically involved with Becca, the younger sister of his sister's ex-boyfriend Stuart.

to be continued


  • Riley is the inadvertent inventor of the term Girl Rays, which the Angels jokingly use whenever they (or one of their friends or family) are pregnant to try to 'encourage' the foetus to be female.
  • Riley graduated from university in Summer 2016.