The Teen Angels is the name given to a group of young women who play a very prominent role in the Jamieverse, specifically the story Nikki.

Before They Were AngelsEdit

The group got its unofficial beginning in September 2013, when four of the members- Nikki Thomas, Sarah Phillips, Katie Henderson and Lauren Burnett began studying at a fashion and arts college in West London. Nikki and Sarah had known each other from secondary school, and were in a committed relationship with each other. Katie had struck up a friendship with Nikki during their first morning at college, as had Lauren with Sarah. the fifth member of the group, Dannii Samson, had gone to the college to offer moral support to Lauren, who had been her best friend at secondary school.

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  • Although they are close friends of most of the group, Jacinta Hanley and Ophelia Love were never officially members of the Teen Angels.